Early California ~

Rock & Roll Poetry with Soul:

Like Steinbeck, this is Glenn's California.
In this album, he traces his family roots. One listen, and those roots will grab a hold of you, too. With happy associations in upbeat rhythms and straight from the heart lyrics and melodies, Glenn strums his guitar like it's second nature. In the poignant song "California", Glenn takes us to where he's from, where he's been and back again, with a longing for the past. A bittersweet sound of his restless journey. Giving a nod to "Bakersfield", the harmonies and upbeat tempo are infectious. The first time I heard this song I started to do the Two Step dance across my living room floor. You will too. With clever lyrics and Glenn singing strongly about blue collar life, this is one of my favorites on the album. Take a step back into time with "Mary Jane Repetta". An interesting true story of a dancer in NYC and a sailor. Throughout the song, there's a 30's radio sound echoing her name, fitting to the era and the subject. You'll find yourself singing this song for the rest of the day. It's wonderful. Glenn's case of itchy feet rings loud and clear in "Sun Don't Shine". He follows his heart in this case, making a decision to look for meaning in his life, leaving behind the mundane, while tugs on his heart strings remain. He sounds optimistic and smiling, even though the road is bumpy and uncertain. There are "Three Men Named Bob" that shaped Glenn's life. Not surprising, all of them musicians. He looks up to and admires these guitar players, grateful for their guidance. Naturally, on this particular hit, he plays acoustic guitar with a whole lot of feeling. Thoughtful lyrics sung from his very core, Glenn's happiness shines through, reminding himself and the listener, of the path he's taken in life. His never ending musical journey. "Early California" has something for everyone. You really should go there.

~Rebecca Fisher - Red Feather Review

"Glenn Symmonds “Early California” is a toe-tapping ten pack. Sing-a-long lyrics wrap you in nonstop lingo and will conjure memories of days past. Pop it in your player or play it on your portable device for a trucker trip of tunes. Early California delivers drivers to their destination in true Symmonds style.  His comfort as a singer-songwriter is evident in every track, just as the flavor and feel of each song resembles his influences. Fun-loving and friendly, this CD exudes at home ease with a wide audience reach that’s sure to please."

~Kimberly Durham, K*Chele Magazine 

What People Are Saying

About Southern Poets:

A music vacation; exciting & relaxing, as well as filling! I felt as though I was taking a journey and being fed an array of appetizing music. Prepare to visit many places, while being fed meat and brew of eras past and anew. Glenn Symmonds "Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours" was a pleasant surprise. With each song having a feel all its own, you'll find yourself lost in some and curious of others, in a good way.

~Kimberly Durham, K*Chele Magazine

 "While Glenn Symmonds is best known as the longtime drummer for legendary rocker Eddie Money, what you may not know is that he has more in common with Levon Helm than the more thunderous time keepers John Bonham & Keith Moon he emulates onstage. Like Helm, Symmonds has emerged from behind the kit to sing, play guitar and write songs about his experiences travelling across the heartland of America. On Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours he puts his own spin on the classics Nowhere Man and Wild World, as well as serving up a batch of self-penned songs that take you on a journey through both familiar and yet uncharted musical landscapes. After listening to Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours you will consider yourself well travelled."

 ~Gary Borress, Beat Magazine

Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours is the first album by Glenn Symmonds, veteran musician, singer and songwriter. After listening, my first impression is how this record has a very easy, comfortable style to it. Rather than feeling like being part of an audience, Southern Poets sounds like you're sitting right beside Glenn as he sings and plays his musical tales. A few of my personal favorites are: Greenville, Guacamole, Big Boy Now, and Hey There Delilah. Glenn Symmonds displays a confident, quiet style in his music. Considering Glenn's musical past (longtime drummer with rock & roll great Eddie Money, jazz sax player John Klemmer, ska band The Untouchables among others) this record is not what you might expect. In creating Southern Poets, it seems that Glenn cared about making a record that was true to his core values. Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours takes a musical look into Glenn's private world and rewards the listener with a taste of a down home Southern lifestyle."

 ~Josh "Ace" Harris, The Untouchables