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I Love You! Keep Wild Horses Wild!
Hello Glenn, Beat Cancer Like A Drum. I recently had prostate cancer surgery. We are members of the cancer club. I ran across your name while researching Reggie Knighton. I come to find out you are the drummer for Eddie Money. I probably saw you play at the Old Waldorf club in San Francisco back in the late 70's early 80's. Eddie had just released Two Tickets album. It was like his first gig in San Francisco. I remember standing outside in line when Eddie walked in the front door. He was wearing a white fur type scarf or something. I like your drumming on Reggie Knighton Band. I live in San Jose and have relatives in Sac/Roseville area. Hope to see one of your shows. Thanks
Hi Glenn, it was a great night last night at the Roseville Fire Dept Crap Feed. I would like to thank you for talking with Marie and I, and can't wait to have you to our house. Thank You. Please let us know how we can set up our concert with you. Thanks for taking the 2nd donation. Talk to you soon Donny and Marie
Eddie's loss is our gain. Great show and exceptional Wisdom of the Road. I recommend your show to anyone and everyone.
Hey, Glenn, its karen and tina. We went to mohegan on saturday and were shocked to see you where not there. Vinnie and wendy did not tell us until 4. We went in and tried but were so pissed you werent there that we left after 3 songs. We kept yelling where is glenn??? we will never see him again unless you return. We have two tee shirts for you we were going to give you as a present. It there somewhere i can mail them. We ate the brownies. Mu husband didnt think you would eat them any way. I hope you and your fiance are still together. if you are ever in area i will make you home made dinner. I live in Billerica, Ma. we cant afford to have you to house but if we come in to some money we will contact you. karen crenshaw and tina twombly
Wishing you all the best !
I went to my first Eddie Money concert to see him and YOU simply shined. AMAZING TALENT! The second Eddie Money concert was strictly to see you. YOU ROCK! Much love to you and yours. :)
Hiii Glenn! Just waiting on my disability check to order some of your goodies. Can't wait!!!
You need to come back to Michigan and bring Tami with you. Miss you both!
Glenn...enjoyed the golf round today with you and your son Marley. Appreciated the hospitality and hope your travels were safe. Best to you and Marley. Mike d.
What an amazing experience we had. The lyrics behind the songs share meaning of a life on the road, fatherhood and love. A very talented musician comparable to Bob Dylan with a unique style of music that takes you on a lyrical journey. At the end of the show we purchased a couple of great albums. Thank you!! Keep Rocking!!
Glenn, l just wanted to tell you how great the show was in Laredo, Tx. It was indeed an honor and pleasure to be the opening act, for the Eddie Money Band. Thanks for graciously accepting a pic with me l appreciate you. I hadn't realized you were an accomplished singer songwriter and also a guitarist and l am deeply impressed by your life's story and appreciate your music.Thanks again,God bless You &Yours, Ross Swisher Laredo, Tx.
I listened to your songs today. I am now officially a GLENN SYMMONDS GROUPIE!!!!!!!!!! You have an amazing voice...huge talent and you grew up even hotter than you were in high school...hope that sounds ok for a person my age to say... age is just a number...but this year its a big number for the 73 class of Eagles...
A wonderful person and a new friend. His music is so nice and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing this (and yourself) with all of us.
You're a busy man Genn Symmonds, and as the saying goes... Busy Hands are Happy Hands, thus I can predict with certain accuracy the high vibrational state of your mind from a simple glance of your website. Congratulations on the new album and on so many other things you have going in your life that make it worth living. Looking forward to Beautiful Detours in Folsom. EW + CM
Still keep in touch with your old neighbors... the Cholewinskies from West Valley. I recall someone up the street years ago playing drums. NICE JOB!
Just listened to 'Play it again'. I'm surprised I don't hear that repeatedly on the radio when I'm driving 'round town! Just excellent! (Have you been taking singing lessons?!) it's a knockout, G. It is obviously from deep in your heart that you sing the lovely 'You and I'. When you sing this one I get goosebumps. Love it. As always, Squirrel x
See ya in Omaha!!!
I absolutely love your lyrics--straight from the pages of your life, and great website as well! Keep fighting the Big C, and keep the music coming!
I am looking forward to seeing you guys this year. As always , you guys ROCK ! Bill Williams
So cool to see you tonite with the Money Man! Been a fan of ur drumming for 30 years. Cant wait to see u rock tonite!
Hi Glen, It's been many year's,you may not remember me,I was friends with your sister Lynn,Dave Olsen,and many others from your past,I saw your name on someone's friends list on Facebook maybe Jeff Marsh ? I'm sorry to here of your cancer will send prayers your way, I haven't heard of your sister in years I hope she's well,l will most definitely purchase some of your items to support yor cause, I pray youve beat it.l also have a cause I need help. I will tell you more,I really don't no how to ask without feeling like a schmuk,It involves Hepatitis C and the millions infected. God Bless and a speeedy recovery Chuck Akin
Saw you at the Horseshoe Casino in Hommond on the 17th...you were awesome
Great show at the Dosey Doe. Thanks for the autograph. Abrazos. Xo's
Glenn, thank you so much for spending a little time with my 8-year old son, Adam, at the show on Long Island this past weekend. It meant so much to him to meet you and he has been showing his drum sticks to everyone he knows (especially the one that you used in the show). He even took them to school with him yesterday! Anyhow, I hope that we'll have a chance to meet again... (although he might hold you to your promise to let him play a song up on stage!) btw, as a Deadhead, I really enjoyed the song "Troubadour". Was it written specifically about Garcia, or is he just one of the troubadours that served as your inspiration?
I made the Eddie Money show at RCC in Stafford, TX and got a chance to shake your hand and take a picture with you (love the t-shirt and cd). I will make it to the Dosie Doe in Woodlands, TX. You are inspiring and I will follow you on Facebook. Thanks!
I received all of my Cds today - Thank you! Listening now and its a perfect way to end my work week! I look forward to listening to them all this weekend! I really appreciate you sharing your story with Gerson. Its been a while since that has bubbled up into my consciousness - its so important to know about information that really smart and determined people provide for the world. So grateful that you have that for your health.
Glenn, you are an amazing human being. I've followed you ever since I first heard Eddie Money. I am a drummer too. Never really made it but I'm 60 and still play, I think it keeps me alive. :) I'd love a pair of your Signature Sticks. Well looks like we are going to the concert tonight. Cya? Stay well.
I got the opportunity to meet you in Winter Park 8-2-14 and you were nice enough to take a picture with me then I learned of your battle with cancer ! I lost my mom to cancer in 2004 . Your spirit and personality is just so inspiring . I could see your positive spirit about you before I even knew about your cancer , with that you can get through anything ! Best wishes to you and maybe I'll get the opportunity to meet you again my friend . Rene Mattek :)
Glenn, met you in Iowa on July 11th. You are awesome! I have been an Eddie Money fan for years and now I am a Glenn Symmonds fan as well! Take care and hope to see you and Eddie again.
You are a Warrior! Cheers from Viking Drummer.
Another AWESOMELY CONTAGIOUS!! work from the IMMENSELY DIVERSE and TALENTED artist, Glenn Symmonds & the Homewreckers Band...'GOOD TIME BLUES' is an Amazing album of upbeat blues, with a small sample of country 'edge' tossed in for good measure in my personal FAV 'Santa Fe'. This album will lead to pulling you off your feet for the Movin' & Groovin'...I listened to it All Day at work, couldn't stop listening...and wanted to get Out of my seat and Into the Groove...Great Stuff!! So far, Every album I have of Glenn's has Captivated me...it would be Awesome if Glenn would do a Double-Bill with Eddie $$, or at the very least, do a Solo Tour when he is off tour with Eddie, so those on the East coast can experience his diverse talents live! Glenn would do a Double-Bill with Eddie $$ is an album
Hi Glenn, So glad you are doing so well re: your cancer. Looking forward to seeing you and Eddie Money perform at the AC Fair this year. A group of my friends will be coming, too. Also, I'm going to buy one of your t-shirts! Take care and God bless you always! Ellen Holmgren
Robert Lesher's wife here... so excited to hear the cd.. glad you are doing well...
Hope you are well....See you all soon? Judy
Glen my man, many years now! We used to play golf practically everyday in CPT. Often reflect on those days and by chance googled you and Eddie to find this page. Hope you on the mend bru Cheers Chris
I still have not gotten all the sizes of shirts i need . Tami said , once i get them to notify her . I am sure, that sometime this year, we will meet. I will bring you guys a very large variety of our " Beef Jerky " products we sell. See ya soon Glenn ! Bill Williams, greater North East Pa.
Keep fighting my brother.
Rock it out Glen!!! We're cheering for you!
<3 you, Glenny!!
Hi Glenny!!! Hope all is well my friend!
Glenn, this is Greg your Neurotechnologis. It was nice to meet you. Hope your recovery is quick and somewhat pain free. I've been listening to your music and enjoying your sound.
Glenn, Bambi here wanting to remind you how much i enjoyed your opening for Eddie at the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, Florida.(2014) I want your new solo CD. You had to autograph my ticket if you remember. I told you i had to use the ladies room when you took the time to autograph after your show. My husband was susposed to get it for me while i was gone and when i asked you to wait a minute i went to him to get it and he did'nt get one. (SAD.) That is why my ticket was used.Soooooooo Glad your in remission. My dad just got out of chemo & radio and is in remission also. I know how terriable it can be.I'll have you in my prayer's that my dad, you and everyone will one day soon not have to worry about cancer again. Your Great as a solo artist, Eddie Money is a great band also.He was so sweet to give me a kiss! Love you guy's. Take care and God Bless
Hi Glenn, My name is Scott Singer and I live in Pennsylvania. I am a huge Eddie Money fan and I'm sure I've even met you a time or two at his table where he signs autographs after his show. I want you to know that I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and I have faithfully prayed for you ever since I've heard of your diagnosis. I am happy to hear that things are going well at the current time for you. I am hoping to see Eddie and the rest of his band come to central Pennsylvania in 2014. I will look forward to paying special attention your drumming abilities. I love when you guys play "Life For the Taking". Rock on, my friend, and know that many people are supporting you in prayer.
Hi Glenn, My name is Gary Kesling, owner of 9 Lives Records and 2 Cat Studios. We are working on the album for Larry Pancake and are thrilled to be a part of your CD project. We had a blast recording "Shake That Thang" Best wishes!
I had been praying for you since I found out about your cancer. I am so glad you kicked Cancer's ass. I am no longer with KXIJ in Woodward OK. I moved to the city and I am now working on my own company and my career. I am working on a internet radio station now and would love to showcase some of your music with your permission of course. I am truly sorry I messed things up with you and Eddie back in February. I was overwhelemed and grieving over a lot of things. But I am over it all and I hope that I can have the opportunity to play your music cause I think its amazing and I love it. I listen to your music often in the car when I'm driving around. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon. God Bless!
Happy Birthday! Maybe some golf in the spring here in the east? Keep up the fight! You are a winner!
Hi, I went to West Valley HS. when you did. My friend sent me the Youtubes of you at the benefit gigs. It brought back the irreplaceable memories and times of the Spokane/ West Coast music scene back then. If you don't already know of PNWbands.com check it out. You'll find Liquid Sunshine there. I hope your health is in the pocket and improving each hour! Sending you good vibes. Be well....and take care!
Glenn, Greetings from Bloomfield, NM this is cowboy Steve checking out the E$ website to see how Glenn Symmonds is doing. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through a challenging time with health issues. Rememeber God is the greatest physician and he can give you the strength, peace, faith and hope through difficult times. I can still remember the fun times at Chelsie's Pub signing Karaoke. I ran your show for two weeks while you were out on vacation. Great times. May God bless you and keep you strong. Proverbs 3: 5 - 6 Take care my friend and keep the up beat! Cowboy Steve Bloomfield, NM
Hi Glenn - We met the other day at Eisenhower Park on Long Island. You are an incredible musician. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We enjoyed speaking with you. We will pray for your good health.
Thanks for taking the time to autograph a drumstick for me and for chatting. You are a gifted artist and we hope to see you at Mohegan soon!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Glenn, we sooo enjoyed your performance at Catta Verdera on Friday! Dan and I were thrilled to have you there. I hope you come back more often! Thank you so much, you put on a great show. (Practice that AC/DC! LOL)
Very moving and passionate words on your home page. The music that's being born out of this unexpected detour will be your best yet! Being on this journey with you has taught me a lot. Life is good! Your loving sister, Lynnie th' Raven xx
Great web site Glenn, I heard of your battle with cancer. I know you can beat it. Take care, you might watch the movie "Dying to have Known", if you get a chance.
Glenn, it was really good to see you last night you sounded great!I am going to try to find Jeff and say hi. Im praying you beat this cancer!! I hope to stay in touch with you,keep drumming, you really are great at it. Later Wayne
Fantastic show tonight at The Roadhouse. My prayers are with you during your journey. I will wear Beat cancer like a drum Proudly!
Hang in there Glenn you are fighting a battle that can be won! I expect you to come out on top. See you in Spokane!
We are now Cancer relatives.... forever connected by this common factor. Keep fighting the fight and I am here to fight with you. Hugs, Cally
Hi Dear Glenn & Tami, This is Nyoman, your Balis fans. I like and want to buy the tshirt Beat Cancer Like A Drum, is there any way to ship it to Bali? Let me know what its cost to receive 2 pcs (s & m size) in Bali. Keep strong Great Team...!
Beat Cancer Like A Drum! I know you can.
I did not know Glenn, but knew of him, I did know Lynn.....so sorry to hear about his health, especially with no insurance, that really sucks... hope to help....my daughter has CYSTIC FIBROSIS, I understand a lot of what you are going through, I hope and pray you get all the support you need whether it be monetary or physical ^j^
Hi Glenn ! I am friends with Tommy Girvin and Eddie Money .I didn't get to me you at the Jim Thorpe, Pa show. But, I hope everthing goes well for you. I am looking forward to donating some finacial funds for you and your benefit to figh this cancer . I sent you guys some Beef Jerky to Tommy for him to share with everybody. If you would like more, there is several menus that Tommy has . So, don't hestitate if you want more or somthing else on the menu ,just email me or call on the phone and I will send it to you " Free " of charge. Your new friend Bill Williams
LOVED YOU AT JERGEL's Thursday night!!!
Hey! Sorry to hear about the cancer. Damn man that makes me mad! Will pray for a speedy recovery! See you in Houston! 'A
Love the new website Glenn. Great job Tammi!
rock on buddy!
You've got it going on. Congratulations my friend.
Hey Glenn, The Site Looks Great. I'm Diggin your Songs! Let me know if I can Help! Richard
hey glenn i will see you at the seminole hard rock casino in sept.! you rock! God bless. carol
Glenny, web site looks great man! Get some Picts of your great golf swing on it! See you Sunday at universal chief! PT
Let me know when you will be in Sacramento,Lake Tahoe or Reno
I'm kickin ass on my Vdrums. Should stepped up and got a better one, but this roland TD11KV does the trick! Need you to show me some stuff, so get your butt out here!
looks like a vacaville or marin visit might be in order this year! great to see you so happy, healthy and very much in love with life. cheers!
Love early California! Looking forward to seeing you back in Fresno area. Thanks again foir sharing my special birthday with me. Remember I have that really great COWBELL....let me know if you ever need me LOL! I cherish the memories with all the great photos from Tami. Travel Safe and come back soon!
Hello Glenn, I thought I would stop by and say hello my friend!! It is ALWAYS a good day when I hear you play and think of your friendship! One day I would LOVE TO RIDE OUR SCOOTS TOGETHER again> TAKE CARE MY FRIEND!! AND MAY YOUR DAYS BE FILLED WITH LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE, AND MAY YOUR MUSIC KEEP SPREADING THE LOVE YOU SO GEREROUSLY GIVE TO THE WORLD! ALL MY RESPECT, STU
Hi there from Farming't ever forget you. We remember all the good times we had with you. Glad you and your son are doing well. Our daughter Chelsea Love is now eleven. Best wishes to you always and hope to see you someday again. Your friends always, Lennie and Sherrie.
GREAT show in Sellersville Pennsylvania last nite. Very special evening - acoustical was really beautiful! Thanks Glenn for the hospitality!!
Your original number one fan.......... So proud of you my friend you keep the music alive in me.
Really stoked about your upcoming new CD!! I know all my favorites will be on it and I hope it's out by December!? Christmas presents!!! ;) La La La, SQuirrel!! xo
Hi Glenn, hey great site! Christie and I really enjoyed meeting you and hang-in out for a while. We hope you liked our little Sushi spot. More than anything though, we want to thank you for the guitar and bass lessons. You are a natural teacher with a very inspiring way of guiding. Christie and I look forward to your next visit out Sacramento way. We are happy our friend found such a great guy! Major scales to ya, Eric
Glenn, The gig you did for me at my wife's birthday party in Fresno was unreal! Everybody I have talked to since the show was elated with your performance. Your musical talent goes beyond description. I can't thank you enough for making the night so special. Your buddy, Buffalo Joe
Glenn, Certainly, it has been a few years, but while searching for Loren, a bass player that we mutually used, I thought to look you up. It is good to see that you are still playing as I suspected you always would be. I am, as well (see tupelobluemusic.com) and doing pretty well with both full band and duo, still doing blues. Still have fond memories and some "band" stories that I still relate to others regarding my run with Roadhouse Rockers. It had its moment in time. Would like to hear from you and wish you continued success. -Bob Lesher
Any kin.? My family is from Scotland co. Missouri
vern,the site looks great!!! you should put your cd on pandora.com man, it gets millions of listeners a day worldwide,and you get paid royalties,take care.
Hello, being a drummer myself over 40 yrs I saw Eddie Money at Oakland Collisem in 1979. It was one of the best concerts I ever went to. The Day on the Green days are awesome memories.I went to a lot of them . Great drumming Glenn God Bless Chuck Crocker Day On The Green #1: Boston, Sammy Hagar, Eddie Money, Robert Fleischman (May 6, 1979) Originally the band UK was scheduled to open, eventually being replaced by Robert Fleischman.
Website looks great! I especially like the video of you and your Dad.
Glenn, I met you at Bill & Cindy's wedding and you and Tommy spent time talking with my wife and I . Thank you for being real. We see you play when you are up here in the Bay Area, so until next time keep living the dream:)
Enjoying "Southern Poets." Great pictures of you with "The Gang." I guess I'm the only one who has aged! Greg
Glenn, it was so fun to see your show in Spokane! Darryl and I both loved it and of course loved those Robbins Rebels! Wishing Howie would have been with us for this one. He would have been so proud! Good luck with the new cd and tell me if you are in Spokane again and maybe I can get one of Howie's practice drums to you! God bless, Alana
You look like your really enjoying yourself , saw you at eddie money, was all good.
I hope to hear you guys the next visit to Spokane. Tell your brother Jeff hello from "Big Dave" the next time you talk with him! Excellent web site too!
Great Show in Spokane Wa. with Eddie Money. I really enjoyed the drum line what a great surprize! Good to see Joey at what he does well. Thanks for stopping by.
Glenn, you ROCK!!!! Can't wait to see you all in Akron, Oh next month!
Hey Glenn: You were so great in Philadephia and cannot wait until you come back here! Have a nice rest before the next road trip!
Loved seeing you agian, it was a great show. Dug the tribute to Howie Robbins. See ya next time your in town. Give me a call 509-927-5848. Bob and Julie
Outstanding show last night, Glenn! Thanks for getting together with Robbins Rebels for some rudimental drumming at it's best! I'll bet those folks didn't know you could play a rope drum like that. You put on a tremendous show! I wish you all the best, Jeff
It was great talking to you, you're still such a cutie! Love watching you behind those drums! Get in touch the next time you're in town and let's go golfing!
Glenn, Good to see you again. The show was great as always we had a wonderful time. Till we meet again,take care my friend Steve
Good to see you again last night, Glenn. You're looking good and look like you still love what you're doing. Enjoyed the show and looking forward to putting Patti's CD in the player and hearing your stuff.
Glenn: It was awesome meetin you on way to LAX. You definitely made the trip enjoyable. Good luck with everything!!! Andrea
My name is Kim ,I was leaving Eddies show in Hampton Beach, N.H..with my husband Donnie. He knew who you were right away, we got your CD and you autographed it for me. Just want you to know we LOVE it....so nice to meet kind people in the times we live in. You are a wonderful example to the music world. We are from Maine and saw Waterville, Me,coming up , would so like to go ! You made our journey back to Maine so enjoyable listening to your CD. I would send you a facebook friend request if I knew how. Thank you, Glenn....Sincerely Kimberly Hanscom Hodge
Still waiting for a Spokane date. Then you can come and play our Copperman Rope drums to open the show along with the Robbins Rebels that would be cool. Eddie and the crowd would dig it. Miss you my friend.
Hey brother!!!!
Hi, Glad to see you are doing so well.....as had it...always will....cd is great.... Judy
AWESOMELY CONTAGIOUS!!! That is the Only way to describe the CD "Southern Poets, Trains and Troubadours" by Glenn Symmonds. What a Great and Diverse selection /sampler of songs, which showcase Glenn's Immense Talents in Every Genre of music from rock to blues to country to south of the border to bluegrass sound-then to Top it off with my personal favorite, the traditional Celtic (Irish) sounding "Shady Grove"! This is a CD you will play over and over and over!! (I listened to the CD All day yesterday at work & just couldn't stop!!!)
It was great to meet you at the JuneFest concert! What a great time. Scott and I would like to thank you very much for the tickets and conversations with you.
hey rock star how you doing i hope all is well got to get back to work ha..ha.. hey call some time and have a bless day...
Hey Glen this is Lenny and Sherry from Farmington, NM. Just chekn out what your up to these days. Glad to see your doin well. Cant believe your son, Marley is grown up already. Our daughter, "Chelsea" (Of course named after where we met), just turned 11 in March. Keep rockn and keep in touch!
i miss you!!
You are always welcome to play with The Selle Brothers Band & Toni Rae anytime you want too. We had a great time. Thanks!
Hi brother. I just heard a few clips of your music....GREAT!!! But I knew it would be, if you are part of the project. I really 'dig' on you and The Homewreckers Band. You 'cats' are playing my kind of music. Take care my friend. I'm so glad our paths crossed those years ago. BE WELL! - PEACE - Jerry Mellix
the greatest
hey man! loved your talk last night. look forward to keep in touch with you partner, and definitely make it to a concert! thanks, bob k.
Glenn, Awesome to meet you tonight. It's cool to meet a rock band drummer who's been down the same road as a bunch of small town folks! May swing by Bethany some Monday at Noon. Thanks and God Bless, Melissa aka "The hug lover"
G ~ behind the drum kit, you are truly a star & I have been your biggest fan for over 20 years... to see you step out into the spotlight with a guitar & your amazing voice... puts a smile on my face & makes me feel so proud to call you my friend. Big love from this Cali girl! xo.
Wow-such comments! You've got quite a following of peeps who love and admire you...but I'm still your biggest fan!
I'm speechless.....
Hi Glenn....my husband and I love you and hope to see you perform soon.
Hey Glenn.. I just dropped in to check out your page. It was very nice spending time with you and the rest of the gang. It was a nice drive to the course,hope you played well! Were the greens fast? I hope you had a great time and enjoyed your play at Twin Bridges (or whatever it is now) Lol. K.. now I am going to listen to some of your other things.If I can stay awake that is, just realized I am really really tired!! Dang, oh well, now I'll have to come back!!! TTYL :)
just bought your album...hope to see ya at the show..vicksburg ms this friday Ken Causey director of PT Baptist health systems
Hey Glenn, We want a rematch on the golf game...not to cool for a first timer to beat guys who play the course almost daily...ha... Really enjoyed the show and equally enjoyed meeting you and the band as well...may see you guys in Florence, KY in a month or so...love the CD by the way...what about you opening for Eddie at NIBROC sometime...may just play 9 that day if you do double shows...
Hi Glen, I was hoping to come hear you guys at one of the Texas shows , but still not sure we can make it.We have my 4 year old grandson living with us and being a grandparent it's hard to find a sitter. lol Vic and I do love the CD and know that it will be a huge success for you. Take care and hope to see you soon. Karen
Hi Glenn.....Your new CD is fabulous...Your are a very talented musician...Glad to have seen and heard your talent.....Maybe Syracuse? Have a great summer......Judy
Glenn, I kept score for Eddie at the Travelers Championship golf tournament at the celebrity pro am. It was nice to have met you and Eddie. Travel safely and keep on rockin! Buddy I.
Enjoyed the videos and the pictures Glenn. Good stuff !
I'm gonna be seein Eddie's show this Sunday, at the Heritage Fair. Which is why I stumbled upon your website. Read your bio, then also enjoyed watching your drum solo videos. I'm a Dundalk photographer who'll be at the fair, and I always get shots of everybody in a band, especially the drummer back there. It's gonna be a great-rockin-rollin evening in the park!
We all Know Glenn is a GREAT Drummer...but did you all know that he is a..... Great Dad.....and a real GREAT GUY.........Thank's for your music/sticks.......and the person that you are.......see ya on the road.... Get me 2 tix's on that SS BEAN's.. I need to go to Old Turk's Bar for a CLUB soda.....
it was nice to meet you today Glenn and spend a little time over lunch. Look me up the next time your are in Wichita. Best of luck "Trudging the Happy Road of Destiny" Doug
Love the videos...your creative talents definitely shine through your music!
glenn Martha says hi and she misses you. i will be seeing you at frontier city next month. love ya brother don
It was great to meet you last night back stage in Charlotte, NC before & after the show. We are emailing you the pictures today. Let us know that you received them! Thanks again for the drumstick! You are awesome!
Hi Glenn! Found your website~ very cool! Didn't know about your other band- the Homewreckers? Is that a good cd? We should probably get it! Loved your Troubadors & Trains- so good! Hope you're not getting too worn out on tour- Sure was nice seeing you again! Take care! Love, Lani & Steve
Really great to have met you and chatted after the show in Charlotte. Colin got home and started pounding the skins with the sticks. We'll send you a picture of the new Green Sparkle wrap set soon! Take care!
i love you daddy! lol
nice website i enjoyed the videos. hard to believe the videos i used to watch in the 80s drummer has a son dating my daughter lol.