Glenn Symmonds:

Singer. Songwriter.

Drummer. Guitarist.

Producer. Teacher.

Father. Friend. Fiance.

 Cancer Survivor.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Glenn's 4th album... Friends of Glenn's!


Glenn has been touring the world playing music for over forty years.  Hard to believe, right?! During that time, he has crossed paths with some wickedly talented musicians.  Not only has he been lucky enough to create music with these gifted artists, but in true Symmonds' fashion, he has created friendships with them as well.   When Glenn found himself uninsured & battling cancer, he was blessed to discover just how many friends he had.  Support came in all forms, from near & far, and in that rush of support... this album was born.  Friends of Glenn's is an album that celebrates the music of Glenn Symmonds.  Each track is one of Glenn's original compositions recorded by a friend of his.  Each artist had the freedom to record the song in their own unique style.  The result is a wonderful collection of diverse music that will appeal to everyone.  The closing track is a brand-new recording by Glenn himself! A candid, solid cover of The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends".   A fitting tribute from Glenn, to the friends who stood by him. 

Proceeds from the sale of Friends of Glenn's will contribute to Glenn's outstanding & ongoing medical bills.